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Supporting from your sofa

Supporting from your sofa

CALM is here to help anyone who needs us through this challenging time and that’s only possible thanks to the incredible efforts of you lot.

We’ve put together some ways you can help fund CALM’s work from the comfort of your sofa (or selected self-isolation zone).

Game for CALM

While we’re in lockdown, why not fire up your favourite game and play against living miserably. Have fun? Check. Connect with your mates? Check. Help save lives? Check!

You could do a fundraising stream of your Dungeons and Dragons campaign, challenge your mates to a pay-to-enter Fifa tournament or even charge your family £1 for extra rolls in Monopoly and donate the pot to CALM. Find out more HERE.

Donate your coffee/commute/pint

We’re all about doing what you love for CALM but a lot of that’s on pause right now. So why not donate the cost of what you love to CALM instead? That morning coffee you enjoy before you sit down at the office? The Friday round that you get in for your mates or colleagues after work?

If you can spare it, why not donate some of the money you would have spent on those things to CALM. Just £8 is enough to fund a call to our helpline and potentially save a life. And you can still drink that pint at home in your pants (or in trousers on a hangout with your pals). Head here to make a donation to CALM’s services.

Hairy situation

Look, we’re all gonna come out of this with awful hair. No two ways about it. So which way you gonna go?

#TeamGrow – just keep growing. Post updates on your scraggly beard or weird back of the neck hairs. Use your social media platform of choice to keep everyone entertained and raise money at the same time. Nice. Find out how HERE.

#TeamShave – just take it all off. Follow CALM’s advice from our own Big Buzz Off HERE. Set up an event where people can tune in to watch your shave off all your locks and donate to CALM too. Find out how HERE. Ask your mates, family, colleagues and everyone in between to donate what they can whilst you take the shaving plunge.

Donate your birthday

Now might feel like a rubbish time to celebrate your birthday. Sorry mate. But there’s loads of fun ways to celebrate online. Try Houseparty for a social gathering with the option of games or a Zoom Murder Mystery complete with period outfits. 

You can also set up a Facebook fundraiser to raise money for CALM’s services when they’re needed more than ever.  If your mates would have bought you a drink, perhaps they’d like to donate a virtual pint to say they care and support CALM at the same time.

House of fun

Ok, we’re all gonna be inside the house/flat/boat/place where you live, a lot more. And that might mean spending more time with family, housemates, partners or pets.

Why not set up some challenges to keep things fun? Think Don’t Get Got, social-distancing edition. Whether it’s a swear jar style challenge, The Game (yeh, you just lost), or a Paper Scissor Rock standoff, get creative. Make your forfeit a small donation to CALM – pennies or pounds, it doesn’t matter – and everyone’s a winner. Fancy taking part in some online office fundraising? Conference call bingo is a thing…When you’re challenged out, pay in your fundraising HERE.

Get quizzical

You can’t head down to your local for a bevvy and some trivia, nor can you host that quiz for CALM in person, but there’s no reason you can’t do it from home.

Download Zoom or Houseparty and e-vite your pals, mates, buddies and mum – come on she’ll be bored too. Then simply create a Just Giving fundraising page and drop your link into the Chat feature so people can donate. Oh, and don’t forget the questions! Team CALM is a great quiz team name too.

Need inspiration? Our friends at FC Not Alone held a pub quiz in support of CALM. Find out more here.

Share your Lockdown Lewk

Missing your daily Insta update? It’s not just celebrities who can look fly in a lockdown. Put on your best #LockdownLewk – it can be all about the slippers or you can show off ultimate trackies chic.

Share your creations on your instagram story, where you can add a donate to CALM sticker. Make sure to tag us on Instagram @CALMzone so we can check it out too.

Share our stuff

You don’t even have to look up from your phone screen to support CALM. Right now, more people than ever need our services. By raising awareness of them, you’re helping more people find the help they need. 

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and sign up to our newsletter for the latest from the Campaign Against Living Miserably.

Make it official

Got an idea? Want to chat to us about it? You can get in touch with CALM here

Looking for some more inspiration or guidance, find it in our fundraising manual here.

Raring to go? Register your plan here, and set up a fundraising page for your friends and family to contribute to. We reckon loads of people would love to see regular updates and videos on your progress – after all, what else is there to do? 

Then head to CALM Kit to order some digital CALM swag to help make the most of your fundraising on social media. Think Facebook banners, logos and more.

Join a collective

It’s at times like these that we need to come together. And what better way than over something you love?

CALM Collectives are all about getting together, doing what you love and feeling better for it. And although we can’t get together face to face right now, our Collectives have active online communities. You might not be able to run with other people, make art collectively, or play for your football team for a while, but you can chat, share encouragement, experiences, stories, laughs, failures and successes. Sound good? Get together online over the things you love HERE.

Thank you

Thank you for supporting us. You are a legend. 

All done and dusted with your fundraising? Pay it into us, and don’t forget to tell us what you did so we can thank you properly. If you’ve been using JustGiving, or something similar, then don’t worry – it gets sent through to us automatically.

Thanks for being part of #TeamCALM and our Campaign Against Living Miserably.

CALM is here for you

We’re all on lockdown and that can be a really strange thing to come to terms with. Remember that CALM is here for you no matter who you are or what you’re going through.

Our free and anonymous helpline and webchat are open every day, as normal, from 5pm-midnight. If you need support, or are worried about someone, you can get help HERE.